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Dio press wants to celebrate our Canadian Editors and Authors

Check our Titles Edited and Authored by Canadians below

Our Book are also available through Amazon and Barns & Noble (links are down below). When ordering direct you can apply the 20% discount code you receive when signing up.

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Walking Together in Indigenous Research
book-mockup-7805 cover.png
Sister Scholars
book-mockup-7805 2.png
The Paris Bureau
book-mockup-7805 N.psd .png
Fanon Revisited
book-mockup-7805 V2.png
Interrupting, Infiltrating, Investigating
Research Journeys in/to Multiple Ways of Knowing 
The Ecology if Me
book-mockup-7805 N.png
Theorizing the 'Anti-Colonial'
In This Together

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For a Limited time only, buy Walking Together in Indigenous Research and Research Journeys in/to Multiple Ways of Knowing together at a Discounted price (promo code does not apply to this combo order)

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