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A Word from Nasir Jones (NAS)

"Pac was a force!  He always seemed so down for his people. 

His music touched the people in the struggle!  Then he introduced the Outlawz, young rhyme slingers from Jersey. Crazy!

Peace my brother"

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This biographical memoir takes an in-depth look into the life of Mutah Beale, formerly known as Napoleon of the legendary Outlawz rap group who was affiliated with the late Tupac Shakur. It examines his life starting from birth after the murder of his parents and growing up in an unforgiving environment where he encountered insurmountable obstacles at a young age. Becoming intimately acquainted with Tupac Shakur, Napoleon rises to stardom as a member of one of rap's most recognizable groups only to suffer tragedy after tragedy. He becomes embroiled in one of hip hop's fiercest rivalries, trying to navigate life at the height of the East Coast vs. West Coast saga. Throughout the turmoil and tumult, Mutah looks for guidance and ultimately finds his inner peace when he accepts Islam. His life is a vivid walking example of the complexity of America as the book examines timely issues that plague American society such as police brutality, mental health, gang politics/violence, and spirituality. Life is ЯAW features intriguing stories involving hip hop's most recognizable legends including The Notorious B.I.G., Ice Cube, Nas, Fat Joe, Kurupt and many others. The book presents an authentic, well-documented narrative that includes over 150 research sources and features exclusive interviews from countless friends, family members and industry icons such as Young Noble (Outlawz), Wack Deuce (Outlawz), Trey Lane, Gonzoe, and many more. The book will undoubtedly serve as an important relic for hip hop history and culture as it opens with quotes from legendary rappers Nas and e40. A powerfully meaningful foreword from Professor Awad Ibrahim (with an insightful and comprehensive afterword by Dr. Othman Barnawi) also sets the stage to prepare for the incredible journey of the life of Mutah Beale. With reflection and introspection, Life is ЯAW is sure to change your perspective on life forever.

"When I first met Mutah Napoleon & the Outlawz they were young. You can see the hunger & determination in those talented young mens eyes. I knew they were on a mission to succeed and I love their loyalty to Tupac."

- E40


Sulaiman Jenkins is an academic scholar and a researcher in the field of applied linguistics. Originally from Brooklyn, New York he has been teaching as a professor of English in Saudi Arabia for over 16 years. He has published a number of articles in top tier publications and his research interests concern race, identity, and language. He graduated from some of America's most elite academic institutions (St. Andrew's School '99 and New York University '04) and with his education hopes to produce significant pieces of writing in his career that help America examine issues that are sensitive yet central to his lived experiences growing up in the inner city: namely, race relations, police brutality, drugs and gang violence, incarceration and the prison system, and employment discrimination.

Mutah Wassin Shabazz Beale, better known as Napoleon, is a former member of Tupac's rap group Outlawz. Beale has since converted to Islam and is now a motivational speaker. Mutah narrated intriguing, insightful, and at times chilling accounts of his life growing up in crime ridden Irvington, New Jersey. He also recounts how his life took and unexpected turn for the better when he pursued a career in rap and met Tupac Shakur. His voice provides a layer of authenticity to an inspirational story about overcoming immeasurable odds.

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