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Critical Experiences in Education, Interculture and Ethnography

Within Different Perspectives
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Listen to an Introduction of Within Different Perspectives 

"Within Different Perspectives offers critical perspectives of the day-to-day work of teachers and the lives of the students in their care. The stories here show the nexus of daily life and political rhetoric, told through the voices of those who live it, and who work tirelessly to advocate for those whose voices have yet to be heard"


Erin Mikulec, Professor, Secondary Education

Illinois State University

How do Ethnography, Interculture and Education interrelate and nurture each other?

A constant and committed research and dialogue between teaching and learning, and the shifting roles between who teaches and who learns, shows that the ethnographic perspective is a resource for addressing, reading and interpreting such issues with the intent to maintain an open conversation with the contexts and the different actors who inhabit them.

Through experiences, practices and case studies, our singular voices conjoin into a collective project which brings forward a critical approach to education and power, but also on the creativity which can develop from some specific problems and situations. The volume offers a plurality of perspectives, encounters and questions which emerge and address ourselves as women, teachers and ethnographers in complex, dynamic and multicultural educational contexts. 


We are researchers, teachers, and practitioners with many years of professional experience in the field of education and training. Our professional profiles, as well as our theoretical and practical competences are various, yet we share a common academic formation and expertise in the fields of anthropology and ethnography of education. All of us got a Ph.D in Anthropology of Education and Intercultural Education at the University of Turin, Italy, and are working in different educational institutions (schools of different grades, University, public services and non-profit associations). We have all published monographs, several chapters in collective works, articles in international journals, and have presented our works at many international conferences.

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