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For a Limited time only, buy the Paperback of Walking Together in Indigenous Research and Research Journeys in/to Multiple Ways of Knowing for the special price of $49.99 (regular price $87.90).


In Walking Together in Indigenous Research, the editors have assembled powerful texts that reflect where Indigeneity is today, where it has come from, and where it will move in the years ahead. The sheer variety of topics in this collection—from poetry to policy analyses, from research paradigms to the many faces of reconciliation—is testimony to the vibrancy of Indigenous Studies and to the energy of its many practitioners.


The contributors selected by Forsythe and Markides seek neither to comfort nor to confront the reader; rather, they ask us to consider thoughtfully and converse honestly. The epidemic of Indigenous youth suicide, still far too widespread, is examined from the powerful viewpoint of parents rather than sociologists or social workers. A decolonized future beckons, whether in law enforcement or the natural environment, even as we are forced to acknowledge its continuing power in legislation and school curricula. 


Walking Together in Indigenous Research offers students, scholars, and citizens a multifaceted, powerful account of Indigeneity past, present, and future.




Research Journeys in/to Multiple Ways of Knowing is an interdisciplinary collection of Indigenous research and scholarship that pushes boundaries of expectation and experience. While the topics are diverse, there are many points of affinity across the issues including themes of identity, advocacy, community, rights, respect, and resistance. The authors present counter-narratives that disrupt colonial authority towards multiple ways of knowing. 


Regardless of worldview or specialization, the chapters in this book have something to offer. Like the whorl of a spiral, the curve can be observed as traveling inward or outward. At different points in the conversations, the assertions may be congruent or disparate from the reader’s perspective. The discussions may resonate on individual or societal levels. While tensions may arise, the push and pull of competing constructs demonstrates that the ideas are connected and held in relationship to one another—negotiating alterity is a space of reconciliation. Together the pieces contrast, blend, and broaden the landscape of Indigenous research and decolonizing discourse.


“I hope you enjoy the critical and creative gifts here and witness and participate in the vibrancy, dynamism, and beauty of Indigenous scholarship.” – Niigaan Sinclair, Associate Professor, Department of Native Studies, University of Manitoba, from the Foreword of Research Journeys in/to Multiple Ways of Knowing.


Walking Together in Indigenous Research + Research Journeys

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  • Laura Forsythe, Ph.D Candidate, University of Manitoba (2018), is a doctoral candidate who has been awarded the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship; she is also a sessional instructor and Métis Inclusion Coordinator at the University of Manitoba. 


    Jennifer Markides, Ph.D, University of Calgary (2020), is an Eyes High Postdoctoral Fellow in the Werklund School of Education the University of Calgary.

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