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Community Wisdom

Series Editor: Jennifer Markides, University of Calgary


Community Wisdom is a primarily Indigenous-focused book series designed to push the boundaries of academic publication. While doors have been opening for greater inclusion and diversity within the academy, scholars of every background and orientation are still expected to “fit” into the existing systems for publication. Why conform, when we can hegemonic spaces, beginning with the academic page. Whether the authors want to break from traditional formatting standards, or have their work reflect the practices and languages of their research participants or communities, they will find openness, flexibility, and creative support in this series. Contributors—Indigenous or otherwise—are encouraged to envision publishing in new ways. 


Academic literature is a privileged space. Scholarly publications are often inaccessible to the people involved in the research studies, (and the families of the researchers themselves). Many Indigenous scholars want to share back with their community; others want to write for a broader audience. Institutional demands and publishing traditions should not limit the creative expression and potential audience of Indigenous and land-based researchers and scholars. 


Community Wisdom invites scholars to reconceptualize what legitimized scholarship can look like and be. The series recognizes many of the limitations that currently exist within the publishing system and seeks to work with scholars, not against them. By reclaiming and reimagining knowledge dissemination, authors, editors, and contributors can focus on changing the world through their activism, art creation, storytelling, and education.


It is possible for authors to reference outside texts, introduce processes, present data, and explain complex findings in ways that are less prohibitive. Writing for a broader audience, while retaining academic integrity and offering innovative ideas, becomes an emancipatory act. For research to empower participants, individuals, communities, and society,  is needed. 

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