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50 Things I Learned at 50

A Generation X Guide to Living


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Through experiences and anecdotes, I have compiled a list of some important lessons that I have attained through my journey to the ripe old age of fifty. Even though this is personal to me and my journey, everyone will identify with more than half of what this book has to offer.  The rest will offer more questions about the readers own personal journey.


Generation X, also known as the latchkey generation because we were the first generation to come home from school to an empty house because of the change in economy, culture, and family structure. In doing so, we were able to navigate one of the most culturally significant decades of the 20th Century; the 80’s. The decade that brought Hip Hop into its infancy and helped mold the culture in young Black America.


Why write this book? In order to heal, we have to realize that there is a wound. PTSD from our own environment is extremely common. 50 Things I learned at 50, helps to decipher those patterns and allows the reader to understand that they are not alone in the way life issues are handled.


50 Things I Learned at 50 received a warm welcome at the launch event and sold out at the event. Order your copy and see what these readers are so enthusiastic about.

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As a 20-plus year veteran of the Nation Poetry Slam scene. Ronald Hargrove has blazed a trail using humor and reality to bring his message to the people. Hailing from East Orange, New Jersey Ronald was a member of the 2005-2006 New Jeru Slam Team. After moving to North Carolina in 2008, he became an integral part of the NC poetry scene as a member of both Piedmont Slam and the 2-time National slam championship team, Slam Charlotte.

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