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We Are We

... A small book of hope

Climate Crisis Resolution
Through Indigenous Law


As we sit on the brink of extinction due to our creation of the climate crisis, We Are We serves as an instruction manual on how all of us can reconcile with our Mother Earth and save the future for our children. Wanmbli Chante Winan provides insights into Indigenous cultures, their Essential Laws, and Traditional Ways of Knowing woven through the spiritual framework of the Medicine Wheel. This book can be used as a platform from which to create Truth and Reconciliation with the First Peoples of this continent now called ‘Canada.’ 


We Are We: Indigenizing the Truth and Reconciliation Process – Climate crisis resolution through Indigenous Law is a must read for everyone who wants a starting place in learning practical solutions to complex environmental problems and social justice issues. 


We Are We is a gift, promise, and hope for future generations.

A dose of literary medicine weaves and reveals itself between the covers of this incredibly timely book. If you hold any anxiety about the future of life on this planet, this is a must read.  It offers a healing balm to the heartache many of us suffer from witnessing the ecocide and climate crisis that is unfolding around us. “We are We” offers a road map to help humanity navigate through these difficult times.  It inspires hope and encourages interconnection and reciprocity, which are ancient recipes for healing, survival, and sustainable change.  If ever there was a book that could save the world, this would be it.


Lindsay Morris Fish (Cree) Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Herbalist and Acupuncturist R.TCM.P, R.Ac, B.Ed

We Are We: Indigenizing the Truth and Reconciliation Process, is a trailblazing book. Author, Wanmbli Chante Winan speaks to how we can work together to transform the dark legacy of Canadian government and institutional actions against Indigenous peoples. She speaks without holding back truth. This is an important read for this time when both Indigenous people and settler people are looking for ways and means to make positive change in the world.


Sandi Loytomaki, Indigenous and Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Osteopathic Manual Therapist, Sami, Mixed Blood, Canadian Settler (second generation).


Wanmbli Chante Winan is a Traditionally Trained Indigenous Knowledge Keeper, Ceremonial Facilitator, and Outdoor Cultural Educator/ TRC Consultant.

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