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Living in an Age of Transformation

Over 30 years ago, a small group of business and community leaders and futurists created a loosely affiliated group called Communities of the Future. This COTF community has grown and evolved to include hundreds of individuals across the globe who lead organizations and communities in transformational engagements. The group has further evolved to include educators and thought leaders who work to transform education as an important aspect of a transformational world.

Core principles of the COTF community were captured in the 2016 book by Smyre and Richardson, Preparing for a world that doesn’t exist – yet? As the community has evolved and grown, there has been tremendous practical knowledge and impact that needs to be shared. The first book in the series, Learning and leading in an age of transformation, was published in October, 2022.


We are inviting full-length manuscripts (approximately 50,000 words) of original work that address the issues of living in an age of transformation. Works can be edited, co-authored or single authored. The goal is to reach a broad range of audiences to include but not be solely focused on academe. We encourage conversational writing styles with an appeal to transformational community leaders, futurists, ecosystem builders, globalists, philosophers, thought leaders, business and industry leaders, medical leaders, political scientists, educators, and policy makers.


This series is published by DIO Press.  Editors of the series are M. Jayne Fleener (PhD), Rick Smyre (MS), and Magdalena H. de la Teja (PhD).


For information about how to propose a book for this series, please contact Jayne Fleener at: Please use the subject line: “DIO Book Series Inquiry” to ensure your email is visible.

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Series Editors:

Jayne Fleener, former dean at three RI universities and currently professor of Adult, Workforce and Continuing Professional Education, North Carolina State University,

Rick Smyre, President, Communities of the Future and former President and CEO of A. M. Smyre Textiles Manufacturing Company, , business & industry, community transformation, futures

Magdalena H. de la Teja, Former Vice President, Tarrant County College,, higher education, leadership, diversity, equity and inclusion

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