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Ecological Pedagogy in the Classroom

Learing by Experience.

This book gives an example of a non-conventional approach to learning and teaching in a university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. The author shares from own experiences, the characteristics of a fluid approach for higher education. This model changes by its users, by social surroundings and the implications of the age we live in. Ecological pedagogy adapts to what needs to be done in the context and anticipates on challenges in the current paradigm of teaching. Teaching is seen as a relational science that covers a wider range of aspects of the teaching act than instruction. This book can inspire practitioners in higher education to give students voice and space to develop into self-directing and lifelong learning professionals.


Ineke Edes, MEd is professor at the Institute for Ecological Pedagogy at Hogeschool Utrecht, the Netherlands. Previous publications chapter Ecological Pedagogy through Real Life Learning: Hope for an Educational Future in Phoenix Rising (Ortiz & O’Hara, 2014).  Listening to Student Voice in Taboo, vol. 19, 2020. And some articles in Dutch.

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