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The Blessing of a

Traumatic Brain Injury

Hole in my Head is based on the theme of a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) following a road traffic accident that I had at the age of six. It covers a period of 31 years until the age of 37. It details my recovery after the accident including various challenges that I faced along the way including various medical problems, follow up appointments, mental health, being a special needs pupil, challenges with gaining and retaining employment, trying to overcome a fear of driving and more. Various lessons that have been learnt from the experiences are mentioned along the way. All of the themes come together and ultimately show how even when things do not go well, there are many blessings, including having a “hole in the head”.


Hole in my Head also touches upon various aspects of culture including living in Kuwait, the first Gulf War, working with refugees and minorities in the UK and life in various regions of Saudi Arabia including road trips across the country. A few other areas are touched upon such as theology, post 9/11 discrimination against Muslims, the month of Ramadan and the Hajj /pilgrimage to Makkah.


The book could potentially be used in a variety of courses including many medical degrees, educational degrees and also HR degrees. It might even be used on Law degree courses.


A multi skilled English Teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience, experienced in Arabic translation, coaching, research, academic and creative writing, web development and more. He is currently teaching undergraduates at one of the top universities in Saudi Arabia.

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