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Critical Pedagogies


This new book series is designed to continue the legacy of Critical Pedagogy and to acknowledge that, indeed, Critical Pedagogy is transformative, tentative, ever-evolving, and a philosophical way in which to contextualize education.   We do not practice a particular pedagogy, we are theoretically and pedagogically grounded in notions of the critical pedagogies which have emerged through our own work and interaction with many others. We are interdisciplinary scholars, activists, teachers, and community members who do not seek to create a unilateral doctrine, that would be antithetical to Freire’s intents.  Freire was concerned that his work not be turned into a curriculum, a paradigm, or a singular methodology, however, that is what has happened in many cases.


We seek to gather those from traditional critical pedagogical paradigms to those who are working between these paradigms, working in the tentative, the elastic, the ever-changing margins of revolutionary and scholarly pedagogy.

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