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Purposeful Development of Professional Learning Processes

Considerations for Pedagogy, Research and Practice

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Tired of the same old thought process regarding educational professional development in our current school climate? Looking for a way to embolden and empower yourself to take new avenues to expand your awareness in, and outside, of the classroom? Then Purposeful Development of Professional Learning Processes: Considerations for Pedagogy, Research and Practice is the book for you!


Professional Learning is more than staff development; it is a journey grounded in informative theoretical frameworks that refine decisions and explore outcomes. Throughout this book, the authors revisit, explain, and realize how their learned experiences have transformed their own lives and those they serve. The authors explain and relate information that other educators, researchers, administrators, professional developers, community stakeholders, and future academics can understand and emulate. Enjoy this relatable collection of stories, research, theoretical discoveries, methods and analyses where their shared practices can become a part of your opportunity to better your professional learning environment.

All contributors have graduated from, are ABD, or are employed by Texas Tech University through their College of Education’s Curriculum and Instruction Doctor of Philosophy Program
Michael Ladick, Ph.D.
Charity Gamboa Embley, Ph.D.
Crystal Dail Rose, Ph.D.
Shona Rose, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Davis Jones, ABD
Cesar Riojas, Ph.D.
Rachel Herny, ABD
Chad Knesek, ABD
Emily Hill Ottinger, ABD
Lindsay Malootian, ABD
Yvonne Cásares Khan, ABD
Foreword by Mellinee Lesley, Ph.D. – Professor at Texas Tech University

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