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Dream Catcher


Join Detective Jack Bondar and Dani Taylor on their continued journey to find her little sister Ali, abducted at 14 and missing for the past 14 years. This sequel to The River of Tears delves into the psyche of sex traffickers and their victims. It explores their internal and external conflicts, and the trauma that trafficked people and their families endure. It also explores the post-traumatic stress that many police officers experience in their work. It is a story about our roots, and the way we all long at some point to come home.


The River of Tears


Join Dani Taylor and Detective Jack Bondar battling the clock together to overcome barriers and conflict as they become immersed together in the dark underworld of sex trafficking in Canada. You will gain deep insights into police challenges and psyche, Indigenous perspectives and issues, and what families go through when loved ones go missing.


Dani struggles and escapes a path she is on to die young in a gang or wind up in prison. Love drives Dani in the search for her missing kid sister. Detective Jack Bondar grows as he works with Dani and learns about the challenges of Indigenous peoples.


The River of Tears is a must-read for anyone wanting insights into missing and murdered women and girls, and policing. 


It is a captivating story about dignity, hope, and reconciliation. It is about the river of humanity that flows through the impoverished core of every community, the river of tears.

Dream Catcher & The River of Tears (Hardback)

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