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The River of Tears

A captivating story about dignity, hope, and reconciliation

Robert Chrismas speaks from a deep well of experience in working as a police officer and in conducting doctoral research on the sex industry and the trafficking of young women and girls. This recent endeavour The River of Tears brings us ever closer to achieving a better understanding of this ongoing tragedy in our modern society.


Christopher Adams, PhD

Rector, St. Paul’s College, University of Manitoba

Chair, Arthur V. Mauro Institute for Peace and Justice

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Join Dani Taylor and Detective Jack Bondar battling the clock together to overcome barriers and conflict as they become immersed together in the dark underworld of sex trafficking in Canada. You will gain deep insights into police challenges and psyche, Indigenous perspectives and issues, and what families go through when loved ones go missing.

Dani struggles and escapes a path she is on to die young in a gang or wind up in prison. Love drives Dani in the search for her missing kid sister. Detective Jack Bondar grows as he works with Dani and learns about the challenges of Indigenous peoples.

The River of Tears is a must-read for anyone wanting insights into missing and murdered women and girls, and policing. 

It is a captivating story about dignity, hope, and reconciliation. It is about the river of humanity that flows through the impoverished core of every community, the river of tears.

See what the Winnipeg CityNews has to say:

Winnipeg CityNews


Manitoba Police officer’s book puts spotlight on sex trafficking


A Manitoba police officer wrote a fictional book to highlight the harsh realities of sex trafficking in Canada. As Mark Neufeld reports, the officer drew from his own experiences working with victims of sex trafficking, to help write the story.

In this episode of Freedom Fighters, Bob Chrismas discusses his research on the sex industry in Canada, as well as shares about his latest book The River of Tears, (DIO Press Inc., 2021).


Bob Chrismas’ first novel is a compelling read into Canada‘s sex trafficking organized crime industry. He provides a clarity of insight into the scourge of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls as well as the families police and service agencies that are coping with the losses as they struggle to prevent this genocide. Dr. Chrismas’ writing jumps off the page in describing this injustice perpetrated against young women as well as highlighting the humanity of those individuals involved in the struggle for social justice. He opens the Pandora’s box of this hidden violence that is decimating communities that grieve the loss of their children. This novel is part of the ongoing discourse about the healing, reconciliation and social justice process underway in Canada. It is also a must read for policymakers and scholars interested in the global human trafficking and sex trafficking of girls and young women. 


Dr. Sean Byrne, Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies

Arthur V. Mauro Institute for Peace and Justice, University of Manitoba

At a time of intense global social unrest predicated on historic and ongoing class and cultural inequalities, Bob Chrismas' book, The River of Tears, shines a revealing light on the intricacies of our social dilemma and begins to create the framework for understanding, meaningful actions, and directs us on the path for mutual healing. Dr. Chrismas' book is a must read for those involved in the pursuit of social justice at this pivotal time in history. 


Devon Clunis, Winnipeg Chief of Police (ret'd) 

Bob Chrismas has taken his professional criminal justice experience, his academic training, and his personal commitment to the very emotionally difficult reality of Missing and Murdered Women and Girls and transformed this into a solid fictional read. The meshing of reality and internal thought processes makes this novel a must read for anyone wanting insights into sexual exploitation. The character development is solid and emotionally vulnerable which is refreshing and genuine. The combination of years as a police officer and the human side is heroic and admirable. I have worked professionally with Bob for many years on this topic and respect that he has taken us inside the highway of tears. 

Dr. Susan McIntyre President The Hindsight Group
Over 30 years experience as an internationally recognized expert, research and policy advisor in sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation.  


Bob Chrismas, Ph.D, MPA, BA, won the University of Manitoba Distinguished Dissertation Award for his Doctoral research on interrupting sex trafficking in Canada. With 35 years law enforcement experience, Bob consults and writes prolifically on social justice issues.

Learn more about Bob at  

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