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This is vintage McLaren making use of his creative talents with humor and irony. We need more of this alternative literary presentation of ideas to make the arguments that bland statements in articles present with a straight face. McLaren leads the way.

Michael A Peters

Distinguished Professor of Education

Beijing Normal University, PR China

 For years, Professor Peter McLaren has followed his radical cosmopolitan path and invented an original language of critical theory and pedagogical critique, which, fundamentally, culminates in his artistic expression.....capturing the absurd days of chaos in the world’s leading rogue state.

Juha Suoranta

Professor of Adult Education, Tampere University, Finland

The 'poet laureate of the left’ writes with characteristic aplomb to expose the realities of Trump and the very real danger of the consolidation of fascism in the US.

Mike Cole 

Author of Trump, the Alt-Right and Public Pedagogies of Hate and for Fascism: What Is To Be Done?


For four decades Peter McLaren has been writing about  world-historical developments and the rise of fascism in the United States and worldwide, urging educators to seek a socialist alternative.  In the performative style that has been the signature of McLaren’s work, The Critic Pedagogy Manifesto is meant to remind readers what is at stake in these precarious and dangerous times and to offer armed hope in the struggle ahead.

As the leading founder of a revolutionary critical pedagogy, Peter McLaren is simply brilliant in his wordsmithery that creatively incorporates satire to underscore how the growing blob of white supremacy, gun culture, the delegitimization of science, unbridled capitalism, and an obscene political climate—ought to put us all on notice.  The time to act is now.

James D. Kirylo

University of South Carolina

Peter McLaren’s new work... captures the zeitgeist of the second decade of the 21st century, specifically the impact of the Trump years,  ... an urgent call for citizens to read widely beyond the lies and to develop a critical media literacy to analyze the propaganda of mainstream and right-wing media.

 William M. Reynolds

Georgia Southern University

Peter McLaren’s work challenges a perfect storm in the contemporary US psyche seeking to do battle and to win, at all costs, the status quo and white elitism.  In the politics of change, to work in social solidarity means to radically dream together, to seek and find a better version of ourselves for a pluralist democracy and a just global world for all. McLaren's work pricks our conscience and asks us to step up and be the change we want in the world. 

Dr. Geraldine Mooney Simmie

Senior Lecturer at the School of Education at the University of Limerick.

McLaren's latest performative manifesto is another reminder that within the most perverse appearances and manifestations of reality lie their dialectical opposites. Most crucially, revolutionary critical pedagogy moves from understanding these processes to mobilizing the many to institute a new world, one we all deserve.

Derek R. Ford

Assistant Professor of Education Studies, DePauw University


Peter McLaren is Distinguished Professor in Critical Studies, Donna Ford Attallah College of Educational Studies, Chapman University where he serves as Co-Director and International Ambassador for Global Ethics and Social Justice of the Paulo Freire Democratic Project.  He served as Chair Professor, Northeast Normal University in Changchun, China (2015-2019) where he is Honorary Director of the Center for Critical Studies in Education.  A Fellow of the American Educational Studies Association, Professor McLaren is the recipient of three lifetime achievement awards, and a number of honorary doctorates and book awards. His writings have been translated into 25 languages. He is the co-founder of Instituto McLaren de Pedagogia Critica, Mexico.

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