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Updated: Jun 24, 2020

To age is human; we reach majority, come into maturity, celebrate milestones, light candles for every passing year, until we get old. And then we turn away and deny it, decry it. Why? This narrative study explores the incomprehensible fact of ageism and what it feels like to live through it.

Finishing Up: On Aging and Ageism is a call to action, for all of us to reckon with our own aging by continuing to be in the world, to continue doing what we love, and to continue doing what we can to break down the bars of the cultural cages of ageism. To me, that also means to be on the look-out for Moskowitz’s next book.

From foreword by Judith Pearl Summerfield

Finishing Up: On Aging and Ageism is available at DIOPRESS.COM for $24.95 (free shipping with coupon FREESHIP), Your local bookstore, Amazon and Barns and Noble o.a.

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