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The Spaces In Between: A Poetic Duo Ethnographical Exploration

Updated: Nov 1

The Spaces Between - Peer Reviewed Academic Book - Academic Books

The authors blend the use of duo ethnographic, narrative and poetic inquiry to explore living well through the adverse conditions of human life Written as dialogue between the two authors utilizing narrative and poetic verse this piece aims to provide pre service and practicing teachers with the lived experience of understanding “curriculum as lived experience” (Aoki, 1991). Through this process, the text hopes to open parameters for discussion around the quest to find wellness in curriculum and learning and explore how storytelling/story sharing can be used to strengthen wellness, compassion and understanding around the complex issues of illness and healing. The text traces the researchers’ experiences as educators trying to meet the demands of the profession and balance family, wellness and health. It also unpacks illness and impending death juxtaposed with the values of gratitude. It was written daily over a 6-month time period while Dr. Leggo continued to mentor his student despite cancer prognosis. This text asks the reader, through the experiences of the authors, to reflect on their own lived experiences of teaching and being in the world to find a space of wellness in adverse conditions. It is a quest to find not only the heart of education, curriculum and learning but of life itself. It is a precious gift crafted between the intersecting words and world of a master teacher and his student, filled with hope and love.

This text can be used in curriculum, research, teacher education, wellness and creative writing courses.

The Spaces Between: A Poetic Duo-Ethnographical Exploration is available at an introductory discount at DIOPRESS.COM for $32.95 (20% discount with the coupon READ20), your local book store, Amazon, Barns and Noble a.o.

Press release Spaces in Between
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