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Literacies and Culture

Series editors: Brett Elizabeth Blake & Evan Ortlieb

Literacies and Cultureis a newly featured book series focused on current issues and opportunities of the crucial nature of  language acquisition and culturally responsive literacy teaching and learning as it frames the broad discipline of literacy itself.

The necessity to recognize more nuanced and diverse literacies is greater than ever within the increasingly connected and oftentimes marginalized world. Through gaining an understanding of historical contexts and more broadly, the cultural constructs from which language and literacy evolve, a greater appreciation of diverse funds of knowledge and ways of life can ensue. 

Not only are literacies embedded within the fabric of cultural identity but they also serve as a foundation for disciplinary learning. Literacies empower and serve as a means to communicate, collaborate, and relate at the human level. Therefore, it is critically important to create spaces for new voices and perspectives to be heard and honored. 

Rarely does culture receive the consideration it merits in politically charged educational debates, in part because of misconceptions and a dearth of existing research. Further, the nexus of language, culture, literacy, and history has rarely been explored, let alone given the attention it deserves in higher education and K-12 grades alike.

This series seeks to publish volumes from authors of diverse epistemologies, theoretical and conceptual frameworks, and inter/national perspectives on literacies and culture. These texts will provide dynamic research and innovation that can advance literacy teaching and learning and will be of particular importance to classroom teachers, graduate students, university faculty, and policy makers as the tension increases at the state and federal levels, around the world, as to whose literacy counts.

Readers of this series, Literacies and Culture, will benefit from unique author insights that are both timely and relevant to issues that pervade higher education, K-12 education, and our global society today.  These volumes will highlight the fact that literacy is an urgent global issue and underscore its equitable place not just among the special province of a privileged few but, an activity; a quest, available to all as literacies indeed are inextricably embedded in one’s culture.

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