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Pandemic Poetic Perspectives was written as a dialogue of expression between professor and teacher/students. The book reflects New York City teachers’ emotions, hopes and fears around Covid 19 while New York was the global virus hotspot. The book reminds us of the essential and personal nature of teaching, and of the exceptional dedication of those confronted by their own existential horror of the virus and its threat and repercussions with their students.



Brett Blake’s edited collection attests to the human, the intellectual, and the pedagogical as we unravel words echoing the raw locus reflected during the early days of the treacherous pandemic. Not only a testament to the strength and integrity of our teachers, but an illustration of the power of poetry and narrative to understand ourselves.

Shirley R Steinberg, Research Professor

The University of Calgary

Pandemic: Poetic Perspectives

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  • Brett Elizabeth Blake, Ph.D. is a professor of literacy and TESOL at St. John’s University where she is also a Senior Research Fellow in the Vincentian center for Social Justice and Poverty.

    Having attended SUNY Stony Brook, Northwestern University and the University of IL at Chicago, Brett has worked with and written extensively on the need, globally, for equity in literacy and language acquisition especially among the most vulnerable.

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