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Gramscian Critical Pedagogy positions Antonio Gramsci’s thought both in and outside of the institutional context of education. This book connects Gramsci to various pedagogies: critical, activist, and political-party based by exploring the various organizational contexts: anarchist, syndicalist, socialist, and communist that inform Gramsci’s expansive experiences with pedagogy. Gramscian Critical Pedagogy does not assume but explores the many ways that Gramsci’s thought speaks to the social and institutional limitations in capitalism. Finally, this book offers a methodology to embed students in the political project of critical pedagogy so that they may, when they leave the classroom, orient themselves in the world through collective action. Rather than teach a social justice orientation Gramscian Critical Pedagogyoffers a rudimentary framework to instill in the conscious lives of a generation the necessity of the struggle against a hegemony that supports or normalizes economic exploitation, sexism, homo- and Trans-phobia, and racism.

Gramscian Critical Pedagogy

SKU: 978-1-64504-153-5
  • Robert F. Carley is Associate Professor of International Studies at Texas A&M University. He is the author of five books the latest are Cultural Studies Methodology and Political Strategy: Metaconjuncture (2021) and Culture and Tactics: Gramsci, Race, and the Politics of Practice (2020).

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