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The Black Experience 

Series editor: Venus Evans-Winters, Illinois State University, USA


This innovative series explores the Black Diasporic experience, historically, politically, socially, culturally, and pedagogically. Grounded in theories of social justice, critical pedagogy, Black feminism, anti-racism, cultural studies, and race theories, authors are invited to submit works which take a critical and social-theoretical view of Blackness and the Black Experience. 

Asking the essential questions which frame the Black Experience, authors and editors will interrogate past, present and future notions of Blackness:  How does Black popular culture influence Black identity?  How can Black Feminist theory be used to understand current social movements?  How can major Black authors, poets, artists, and theorists inform curriculum?  How can we understand the trauma associated with being Black in contemporary life?  How can schooling be informed by the Black Experience?  How do we interrogate screen depictions of Blackness?  How can social justice education be conceptualized as an avenue for an emancipatory Black experience?  Critical Race Theory:  What next?  How does the Black Aesthetic influence the arts?  How do we understand Black Sexuality?  How are Black Masculinities conceptualized in today’s society?  What is the new configuration of the Black family?  How has sports become the new space for Black social activism and advocacy?  How do we honestly talk about race in a post-truth era?  How is Blackness constructed globally? 

The series connects scholars and students in furthering discourses and conversations grounded on the Black Experience becoming mainstream.  Scholars and writers from all disciplines are welcomed to submit work which critically analyzes the Black Experience as an essential discourse in today's climate.

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