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The stories told in this volume illustrate the powerful impact that nonviolence education can yield in the lives of students as well as teachers, as they navigate schools plagued by physical violence and regimes of standardized curricula and assessments. The book emphasizes the ways that teachers can act as agents of nonviolent social change through curricular experiments and pedagogical innovations, shifting attention toward nonviolence as a viable way of life, in opposition to the ways violence has been normalized nationally and globally.


Teachers Teaching Nonviolence offers examples of peace education in action from educators across the United States who have attended a formative bi-annual summer institute on nonviolence. Through this institute, educators deepen their conceptual understanding of nonviolence, and then create action plans and curricula to infuse lessons and practices of dignity, justice, and empathy in their classrooms. The authors and editors of this book offer groundbreaking practical insights on how to inspire students, deepen our self-reflection as educators, and teach for a more just world.”

Monisha Bajaj, Professor, International & Multicultural Education, University of San Francisco


”Advocates for reimagining education for the 21st century have often overlooked a discussion of how the purpose of education needs to evolve with explicit understanding that human and ecological well-being are intertwined. The profound wisdom of ahimsa is that it advocates well-being for all. Applying this to education is a vital ingredient for transforming education. The educators who have shared their experience and practice of ahimsa in Teachers Teaching Nonviolence eloquently illustrate that the mindset and practice of nonviolence can enhance individual, community, and global well-being.”

Catherine O’Brien, PhD, Senior Scholar, Cape Breton University


This book could be included in the following kinds of courses and programs: peace education; teacher education; multiculturalism, diversity and equity courses; literacy; curriculum development; mindfulness.

Teachers Teaching Nonviolence

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  • Christian A. Bracho is an Associate Professor of Teacher Education in the LaFetra College of Education at the University of La Verne. He received his PhD in International Education at New York University.

    Danita Dodson is an English and Spanish teacher at Hancock County High School in East Tennessee. She received her PhD in English from the University of Southern Mississippi.

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