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For Muslims to project themselves into the future is a radical act in a world where the lives of Muslims and those perceived to be Muslims are threatened. your book. Shaping Muslim Futures: Youth Visions and Activist Praxis, amplifies the counternarratives of activist Muslim youth situated in Toronto, Canada, shaping their desired futures for themselves, their families and communities. Drawing on intensive life history interviews, Shaping Muslim Futures offers a rich account of learning experiences that raised their critical awareness of the world and of their critical reflection and action upon the world to transform it. Through their counternarratives, we explore sites of learning including families, neighbourhoods, secular and faith-based schools, and Hip Hop cultures; and Sites of reflection and action, including advocating with and for other racialized youth living in social housing; creating safer spaces for Muslim girls and young women; building public awareness campaigns for Muslim and other racialized and criminalized communities about racial profiling, police brutality and state surveillance; and writing and performing counternarratives through spoken iword poetry. Woven together, the voices and stories reveal what the activist Muslim youth can teach us about worldbuilding. Written for Muslim and other racialized youth, and anyone engaged in shaping futures where Muslim and other racialized youth are thriving, this (guide)book invites readers to imagine and practice living into the futures we want as though they exist in the present.

Shaping Muslim Futures (eBook)

SKU: 978-1-64504-182-5
  • Sameena Eidoo is an educator and education scholar who believes in “education as the practice of freedom” (hooks, 1994). She is an assistant professor in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. Her writing appears in scholar and practitioner-oriented publications, including the edited collections: In This Together: Indigeneity, Blackness and Hip Hop (DIO Press, 2019); Handbook of Islamic Education (Springer, 2018); and Confronting Racism in Teacher Education: Counternarratives of Critical Practice (Routledge, 2017). Among Sameena’s forthcoming publications is, “The Broadcast of the Islamic Call to Prayer as Public Pedagogy in Canada: Critical Perspectives”, in Social Justice Education in Canada (Canadian Scholars, 2022). She has provided consultation to the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning at the intersection of global citizenship education and adult learning and education. Her teaching integrates critical pedagogies, popular culture, and media. Sameena is a recipient of OISE’s Teaching Award for Excellence in Initial Teacher Education.

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