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Brazilian educational thinker Paulo Freire (1921–1997) belonged to those who worked to better human beings and society by opposing all forms of oppression. At this historical juncture, as predatory capitalism reigns and the planet is on the brink of climate catastrophe, we need Freire and his thoughts more than ever. Freire is a must-read in equipping people with a militant mindset and preparing them to participate in critical educational praxis—a connection of action and reflection to transform the world. We need a global conversation between Freirean scholars, activists, community organizers, workers, teachers, and parents in today's uncertain world. We need each other to unite against the death drive of capitalism and the dark forces of the global elite that have been ruining our living conditions.

Militant Freire

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  • Juha Suoranta is a Professor of Adult Education at Tampere University, Finland. He has studied and published in critical pedagogy and public sociology. His books include Hidden in Plain Sight: How I Sheltered a Refugee, Artistic Research Methodology, Rebellious Research, and C. Wright Mills’s Sociological Life.

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