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In This Together: Blackness, Indigeneity, and Hip-Hop


Audrey Hudson, Awad Ibrahim and Karyn Recollet (Editors)


This volume is a pause, an attempt to create a cartography of the ever-shifting and ever-changing process of métissage between Blackness, Indigeneity and Hip-Hop. In essence, it is an ode to Hip-Hop, a gesture of love and an acknowledgment of that beautiful circle in and around in which Blackness and Indigeneity meet by the grace of Hip-Hop. In and around that circle, Hip-Hop emerges as a site of identification and investment; that is, how and why Indigenous and Black youth are investing so heavily in Hip-Hop. As forms of worlding, Hip-Hop encodes practices within the spoken words, the arrangement of bodies and beats -to choreograph consent- a practice inherent in the cypher. The book brings innovative criticality to the intersections of Hip-Hop, Blackness and Indigeneity. These intersections are rarely explored and In This Together is a rare attempt to explore how and why Hip-Hop emerges as a site of identification and investment for Black and Indigenous people, especially the young, as they journey in their social, historical and political struggle.



In This Together

SKU: 978-1-64504-004-0
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