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Future Schooling as a Community of Young People


Robert Grandin


The rising social issue of unsettled youth around the world signals the need to accurately meet the educational needs of a class of young people who feel they are being disenfranchised by the current school structures. In this book, Robert Grandin uses a Futures Approach including Causal Layered Analysis (Inayatullah) to interrogate the history of traditional schooling, the period of schooling for inclusion, and finally, computers for future employment. Acknowledging the changing focus of classroom activity, then discussing a potential future for schooling as a community experience, he draws upon 45 years as an educator (following a career as an Air Force pilot),and from experiences including his work with unsettled young people, alternative schooling, and pre-service teachers.

As diversity challenges the social fabric of the way we organise children in their education, frequently involving exclusion, Grandin offers the successful organisation of the second school he developed as a “real example” of how his community concept has worked.

Future Schooling as a.Community of Young People

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