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‘Enabling pedagogy and action research for higher education in Australia’ unveils the potential of collective action research to revolutionise teaching in higher education. This book provides a theoretically grounded comprehensive guide for those seeking to enhance their teaching, solve problems commonly found in higher education classrooms, and counter deficit views of diverse learners.


With action research as the driving force behind this narrative, each chapter showcases how this can be adapted and effectively implemented as a tool to not only enhance teaching and student outcomes, but to work as a collegial act of resistance to counter the neoliberal agenda of individualisation which dominates higher education in the global North. Through real-world experiences and case studies, this book provides actionable strategies and expert insights to demonstrate how educators can become proactive change-agents within their own classrooms.


Edited by Sarah Hattam, Robert Hattam, Tanya Weiler and Sharron King 


Foreword by Professor Penny Jane Burke

Enabling pedagogy and Action Research in Higher Education

  • Sarah Hattam, PhD (University of South Australia) Senior Lecturer in Sociology. Senior Fellowship with the Advance Higher Education Academy (2020). Published in Q1 Journals and Book Chapters with expertise in the areas of widening participation policy, enabling curriculum, retention and engagement strategies and alternative education pathways.

    Robert Hattam is an Emeritus Professor for Educational Justice in Education Futures and the Centre for Research in Educational and Social Inclusion at the University of South Australia. His research has focused on teachers’ work, critical and reconciliation pedagogies, refugees, and socially just school reform. 

    Tanya Weiler is a Senior Lecturer and course coordinator at the University of South Australia. Within UniSA College she has developed new courses in academic literacy and introductory psychology and has also taught International Management and Ethics for UniSA Business.

    Professor Sharron King (PhD) is the Dean of Programs (UniSA College): Education Futures at the University of South Australia with a long history of senior leadership, research and innovation in improving educational outcomes for both academic staff and students



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