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This book is a journey and uncovers many recent research studies that highlight that half the prison population have a reading age below 11 years old, however have been through school and the justice system without their learning difficulties being identified. The book questions a school system that have failed them, along with the likely unfair trials that have taken place, leading many to prison. The use of early plea bargaining to accept a ‘guilty plea’ mean that many sign away their rights without fully understanding the implications of their choice.


This book also highlights that prison breaches equality legislation at an institutional level through many published reports, being highly application form based and does not allow accessibility choices.

Dyslexia, Neurodiversity, and Crime (eBook)

SKU: 978-1-64504-301-0
  • Dr Alexander-Passe, based in London (UK), is a well-respected author investigating emotional coping in those with dyslexia. He is the Assistant Head/Head of Learning Support at a leading prep school on the edge of London, and an expert special educational needs advisor. He is dyslexic himself, so writes from both professional and personal experience.

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