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Double Dads One Teen

A Queer Family's Trailblazing Life in the USA and Taiwan


Stuart F, Chen-Hayes


Who knew that when two men met for a first date in Chicago, Illinois on a subzero January day in the middle of winter in 1995 that it would lead to a 25-year loving relationship. Meet Stuart and Lance Chen-Hayes and follow their journey in the USA and Taiwan as they build their family and fight multiple legal barriers along the way from basic health care rights to domestic partnership, to civil union, to legal state and national marriage in the USA and fighting for marriage equality in Taiwan and immigration rights as a mixed-race, dual-national, multilingual queer family. Learn about the extraordinary gift that led to their becoming parents of Kalani and the ongoing legal challenges to protect their family on two continents. Enjoy the multiple rituals the couple developed to celebrate and affirm their love from a sacred commitment ceremony to a special coming out ceremony for their teen. Learn from their experiences as gay dads with schools that were affirming and problematic for a 2-generation queer family that includes Taiwan’s first out gay father and Taiwan’s first teen dual national with 2 dads’ names on both an international birth certificate and an international marriage license. Experience the power of fighting hate with love through being out, loud, and proud.

Double Dads One Teen

SKU: 978-1-64504-067-8
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