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Disrupting Education offers an exemplar of in-disciplinary, post-qualitative methodology ‘in action’- reworking the inherent scientism that haunts qualitative methodologies. It makes a case for, and demonstrates an unfolding emergent methodology, drawing on recent advances toward post-critical scholarship that seek to resist the desires of capitalism for generic and convergent ‘knowledge products’. It also makes a substantive addition to the scholarship of education policy/ research enactment. 


The divergent contributions are designed to offer resources to build upon for those researchers and educators who are working for a fair and more just world. This work seeks to offer possibilities for the re-enactment of education policies to work in the best interests of students underserved by institutions designed to have their best interests at heart.  It cuts across the boundaries that hold sociology and philosophy apart, working with the disruptive resources offered by radical philosopher Jacques Ranciere and philosopher of science, Isabelle Stengers.

Disrupting Education Policy Enactment Research

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