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COVID 19 or Coronavirus or Corona has undoubtedly affected every facet of life for every citizen of the world. In early 2020 most of the world had not even contemplated its name. Economic, health, labor, and social sectors have suffered tremendously during this pandemic. Education changed, quite literally, overnight. We now find ourselves in a digital landscape trying to engage with our ‘new normal.’ We realize that many educators from pre-schools through graduate colleges are engaging different realities other than what we are used to. These realities have sparked many narratives and stories, some verbalized, others shared on social media, and others still communicated within our contexts of learning.

This groundbreaking volume, the first of two, carefully weaves together over 30 narratives of faculty, K-12 teachers, students, parents, and community members that center the experience of COVID-19. This volume is centered on a commitment to not losing the power of these narratives – the power to chronicle, the power to transform, the power to inspire, the power to build allyship through hardship. 


This volume chronicle how a variety of people have experienced the moments of COVID at personal and/or professional levels: lessons they are learning and tales that help provide context, content, or convergence for readers. Individual narratives work together to center issues of advocacy, diversity, equity, family, labor, technology, society, struggle, and trepidation.

Corona Chronicles (eBook)

SKU: 978-1-64504-102-3
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