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Becoming: Transformative Storytelling for Education’s Future is a collection of powerful stories about teaching and learning.  The book illuminates an inquiry process for educators to reflect on and tell their own stories of teaching and learning, in order to fuel personal, professional, and organizational transformation.  The inquiry and storytelling process is modeled throughout the book by the author chapters.  Through their educational autobiographies, the authors uncover opportunities for making changes in their own educational practices as well as those of the organizations in which they work and teach.  The stories also surface challenges in the broader education system and the authors consider the ways to create more equitable, culturally sustaining, and transformative educational experiences for all students.  Readers can engage with the stories in the volume to inspire their own personal and professional growth, and perhaps even more powerfully, readers can dive into the process themselves.  This book provides readers with the structure and motivation to surface, share, and engage with their own stories of teaching and learning, and to invite their colleagues into the process, to collectively consider the possibilities for transformation within their own educational contexts. 


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