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Advancing Equity and Social Justice in Teacher Education

Transformative Practices and Pedagogies of Literacy


By Pooja Dharamshi


The field of literacy teacher education has experienced dramatic shifts over the past several decades. A rise in neoliberal policies have led to educational reforms on teaching, assessment, and marketplace competition in schooling contexts. Given the changing landscape of literacy teacher education, it is important to better understand the views, practices and pedagogies of literacy teacher educators, a professional group at the forefront of teacher education. It is important to understand What issues do literacy teacher educators face amidst all these changes? How do reforms influence their views and practices of literacy education?

This book analyzes six literacy teacher educators’ experiences as they endeavor to create authentic transformation through their everyday lived practices and pedagogies. Such a book centres the voices of this often understudied group and offers important insights, resources and support for teacher educators and graduate students to explore alternative and expansive visions for aligning university methods courses with current trends in literacy teacher education. Further, this book serves to illuminate the dialogue of doing the work of equity in teacher preparation programs. While many schools of education have taken on the mantle of social justice, this work is not done equally. The pedagogies and practices of enacting a critical stance are explores, while also highlighting the challenges this work raises both morally and professionally given the current landscape of literacy and teacher education.

Advancing Equity and Social Justice in Teacher Education

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