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Dr Neil Alexander-Passe’s call to action is appropriate and justified, no matter how uncomfortable it may make policy makers and those working in education, social or health care and justice feel.

Dr Phillip Anderton is a former senior police officer and renowned expert on the links between ADHD and crime.


Dr Neil Alexander-Passe’s combination of qualitative and quantitative data, along with a detailed overview of our current scientific understanding of ADHD, provides an insightful introduction into the experience of living with ADHD. I was particularly pleased to see the inclusion of positive attributes of ADHD, that can flourish in the right environment. This book is a robust exploration of the journey of a person with ADHD from childhood, through the education system and into the criminal justice system and should be required reading for anyone with the slightest interest in how we can build a society that is fairer, safer, and more equitable for all.

Angela Kirwin, Author, Criminal: How Our Prisons Are Failing Us All (2022)


This much-needed deep dive by Dr Neil Alexander-Passe has created a bible of information crucial to understanding what is causing individuals to be trapped in the criminal justice system. Dr Neil Alexander-Passe’s passion for this topic is evident through his ability to consolidate muchneeded evidence and reasoning in one place. The statistics in this book tell a chilling story of generations of children who have been let down. This book helps dispel stigmas that are still misunderstood by many; there is much hope to reduce crime and protect victims. I couldn’t help but nod endlessly at what Dr Neil Alexander-Passe wants to tell us. If you work within the criminal justice system, this book should be made available in your workplace at the earliest opportunity. Every parent should read this book, your child’s future may depend on it. I am convinced that Dr Neil Alexander-Passe’s work is a pivotal step towards reshaping our perception of ADHD within the criminal justice system. It’s my hope that this book serves as a catalyst for positive change, improving understanding, empathy, and change within the criminal justice system.

Police Constable Carl Mumford, founder of the national ADHD Alliance, a support group dedicated to changing the understanding of ADHD within the criminal justice system


ADHD and Crime

  • ADHD and Crime

  • Dr Alexander-Passe, based in London (UK), is a well-respected author investigating emotional coping in those with dyslexia and other neurodiverse needs such as ADHD and autism. He is an educational leader working in primary and secondary schools in London, and an expert special educational needs advisor. He is dyslexic himself, so writes from both professional and personal experience.

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