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Pedagogy of the Imagination​


The Pedagogy of the Imagination explores each of the Art Disciplines and creates resources for Art and Museum Educators.  This series seeks to interrupt the canon as it applies to art, culture, culture makers and cultural representation.  It also explores the disparate ways that are and expression can connect with and enhance the other disciplines and areas of knowledge.  Books in this series further the belief that Art opens up new avenues and different perspectives in which to view and create the world.  These new perspectives are necessary for advancement of humanity. While this is a very serious assignment, we approach it with humor and optimism.  

This series also works to build and expand upon counternarratives about art, art history, creativity and culture.  Looking back and looking ahead, these resources will recontextualize the existing stories of art and art history and tell new stories about those who have previously been left out, sidelined and the subject, instead the teller, of the story.

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