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Critical Canadian Education

Series Editor: Awad Ibrahim


According to OECD, Canada is among the top five consistently highest performing education system in the world. But why? What is the machinery, ideologies and the ideas behind this performance? What is the history of this education system and how did the high performance come about? This series is interested in these questions, among many others, but it is even more interested in asking the critical question, is this really true? From an insider looking out, that is, from a Canadian perspective, is the OECD reading consistent across the board and across populations in Canada? We know First Nations, Inuit and Métis for example are struggling to receive the basic necessities of life, let alone receiving a world class education. The series is intentionally working to unearth these silenced discourses so that the claim of a world class education can come true.


Situated within Critical Education, Critical Pedagogy and Critical Curriculum Studies, the series is asking questions such as: how can we read and re-read the history of education using critical lenses? As the inventor of multiculturalism, where is multiculturalism now, is it dead or does it still have a role in Canada? As much as we celebrate the world class education, we need to ask, who has benefited and who is benefiting from education? Who is systematically excluded from education, how and why? Multi-discipline in nature, the series seeks particularly to engage Indigenous Knowledge, Critical Theory, Anti-racism, Critical Pedagogy, Critical Multiculturalism, and other forms educational thinking that pushes the boundaries of education and centers the margin. Bring your own questions, as long as they are critical questions! The series invites particularly ways of thinking where critical education is not divorced from history, society and politics. The series does not simply focus on education to the exclusion of politics, society and history; it sees all of them as equally influencing each other.

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