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Liberating Education, Liberating Educators

Series editor: Andrew T. Kemp, Ed.D.—Augusta University


Part theory, part commentary, part research, and part creative writing, titles in Liberating Education, Liberating Educatorscan use multiple modalities to not only mirror the complexities of our educational system, but also allow for diverse voices from various fields to address the issues and potentialities of our education system. Including narratives from academics, activists, practitioners, and people interested in our education system, titles in Liberating Education, Liberating Educatorscan speak across contexts to discuss the challenges and opportunities of educational practices and policies that impact students in their classrooms, corridors, and communities every day. 


Because of the focus, authors have two avenues to travel when considering being a part of the series. First, books focused on curricular theories, methods, policies, and related ideas to liberate our education system are wanted.  Whether they are theoretical, practical, a combination, or something completely different, ideas are welcome.  This theme will focus on critically and creatively describing the litany of current problems in education and potential solutions to liberate our schools.  In addition, books might also focus on different visions that propose radical possibilities that could lead to an education system that celebrates deep and meaningful critical thinking and creative problems solving toward schools supportive of a diverse, equitable, and focused education for the 21st century.


Second, books focusing on the liberating of teachers and teaching are welcomed.  Right now, the teaching professions is succumbing to a reductionist methodology only focusing on testing, rote teaching, direct instruction, following standards, and producing regurgitative knowledge.  With the myriad of pedagogies available and outcomes that can be produced, ideas about emancipating teaching to focus on critical and creative thinking are desperately needed. 

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