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I Made it off the Block

Little Billy Eiland grew up in the projects having never known his real father. Julie, his mother, a white prostitute with a penchant for black men, would always change the subject when he asked her about his origins. Thus, Billy grew up not knowing who he was, but knowing that he was different. His siblings' fathers were all 100 percent black, but he had blond hair and blue eyes. Julie’s other children had the last name of Clark. Billy was the only child whose last name was Eiland. Not knowing his true identity, he was forced to forge a new one.


Due to Julie’s financial struggles, his family moved continually. The few male role models that he had were usually Julie's pimps, or cats from the street. Julie demanded that every child worked to financially contribute to the household. From the age of eleven, he was forced to work odd jobs, knowing that Julie would take every cent he made. The only money he was ever able to keep, was the cash he stole to feed himself. At eleven, Billy was discovered by Nina Blanchard, the top talent scout in the country. Billy was instantly in demand as the Zodys kid, booking modeling catalogs and parts on tv shows and movies. After realizing that Julie was going to pocket everything he made, he intentionally started sabotaging auditions.


By thirteen, he had already become a prominent drug dealer, secretly stashing all his drug money at home in a stuffed Donald Duck. As he got older, Julie got more and more violent, stripping him and his siblings naked and beating them with phone cords. He ran away from home several times, and continued to support himself by selling drugs. One day, during a deal gone wrong, he was forced to defend himself and accidentally killed a man. Convicted of manslaughter, he was sent to prison for four years. After he got out,

his friend ICE-T helped him get on his feet and into the music business. Utilizing the name “Big Caz” he soon toured with Bone Thugs N Harmony, and performed for sold out audiences all over the world. Despite his success, he still felt an emptiness because of unresolved issues with his past.


One day, with the help of a social worker, he learned that his mother had actually faked his birth certificate. His true name was Guillermo. Accepting his true self, Billy Eiland became Guillermo Eiland, and turned his back on his drug past. Today Guillermo is a successful entrepreneur dedicated to helping others avoid the same mistakes that he made.

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